Monday, February 19, 2007

Overcoming High Blood Pressure - Anyones take

Its been a long time since i've checked it. I was reading some of the simple meditation and relaxation techniques told by OSHO. Practising them has been great and i have had good improvent upon my health.

Let me discuss one of the most basic things - "High Blood Pressure"- Its sure a killer, silent killer similar to the unassuming waves of the tsunami, until it hits, there is often very little symptons on the body. Life styles and eating habits are the direct causes for this disease. Youngsters in today's world are suffering from this - most of them may not even know about it till they get a rude in the form of a heart attack.

How do we combat this unassuming malice. One thing which is clearly to be understood is that blood pressure is the pressure which at which the heart pumps the blood and distributed throught the body. Its like water passing through a hose - the tap controls the flow of water, the greater the force, the stronger the hose should be or else the chances of the hose bursting of from the tap is for sure.

This is the exact case for a High Blood Pressure person. Gradual increase of blood pressure wears and tears the arteries and a time may come when the individual is at the brink of a complete heart failure. Added to that are the other compounded problems associated with high blood pressure - kidney get effected.

Shavasana ( corpse pose) is a wonderful yogic exercise to dratiscally reduce the blood pressure. One needs to see the results. They are astounding. Since most of the world today is familiar with the term yoga, i assume that i could straight away give the modus

Lie down like a corpse - upon a mat - feel loose and totally relaxed. Loose clothing is preferred. The time either early morning 5-6 am or before retiring to bed at night. Ensure that you have not had anything heavy for at least 2 hours prior to this exercise

When you feel completely relaxed, focus your eyes to the tip of your forehead, remain in this position for 15 seconds, then focus the eyes to the toes - remain in this mode for 15 seconds, then focus the eyes to left side of your body - 15 seconds and then focus your eyes to the right side of your body - 15 seconds. Later come to the normal eye poisition

Continue the whole of the above exercise for 3 full cycles.

Next lift your tongue tip and touch the soft part of your upper gum. focus the eyes to the forehead- remain in this mode for 15 seconds

All the while the breathing should be slow, deep and rhythmic.

Now start feeling interanally from your toes and gradually feel through each part of your legs, abdomen, stomach, chest, throat, shoulders, arms, face, eyes, ears, scalp and then the whole body. As you feel each part, command internally for them to relax.

When this is over - do deep breathing and then after a count of 15 you can squat or come to normal operations

This entire exercise is done in such a way that it relaxes the body and if you check your BP immediately - an amazing drop in BP will be observed.

Regular practise of shavasana totally eradicates BP in most of the cases.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lines from "Life Divine"

Life Divine is the magnum opus of Sri Aurobindo - A book most people view as of high values and not intended for the common man. In reality, it is a book which if read with care provides secrets to leading a life of happiness, divinity and fulfillment.

Reading it directly is not the easiest one. It requires a prepartion of the mind and body and since it is of higher dimension, not many make headway. But reading the commentaries on the Life Divine by Garry Jacobs makes it a lot more easier. I have read it again and again and gained a lot of direction from it.

Direction from a book - yes this is not an ordinary book - it has only wonderful thoughts for mankind. After reading, the best thing i thought would be to post it in my blog - a few of those outstanding thoughts...

"Life does not judge us by our actions. It responds to our consciouness. Life judges us by our impluses and our capacities."

"In life we should understand that opposition comes to us because we need it."

"One of the greatest mysteries of life is that out of evil or unpleasant things good can come."

"We can convert oppositions and disharmonies into harmonies."

"Regard every enemy as a friend. Regard every challenge as an opportunity. Regard every impossibility as a possibility that you should rise to make real. If you do that, you come upon the ultimate secret of life, the secret that spirit can move matter. If you do what you should do and can do, you can make money, accomplishment, social recognition and even matter comes under your control. "

" We have the freedom to make things happen as we want them to happen , because we are the power of that absolute."

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Healthy Gain from Herbal Juices

Simple Herbs have a great use and can fetch amazing results. We have them in our own backyard and kitchen but seldom see its value. Being a health focus blog, i have collected a few of these juice making and their benefits. Many more will follow.....

Healthy Living - A Happy Living

Health / Powder Drink

In 300g of Amla powder (an ayurvedic preparation - made out of a fruit called Amla) add 100 grams of dried ginger powder, Mix them. Take one teaspoon of this powder with water twice daily or add it to green juice.

Otherwise, to four glasses of water add two teaspoons each of Amla and ginger powder ( use fresh Amla and ginger if available) and boil it and reduce it to three glasses. Filter the water and drink it during the day. If desired, honey can be added to it.

Amla is a concentrated form of Vitamin C. It has 16 times more vitamin than lemon. Such a drink will give protection to the body against cold and other diseases and increase digestive powers.

People in the West take apple cider which is also beneficial. The health drink is beneficial to all, especially to the convalescent people, old people, expectant mothers and growing children.

Green Vegetable Juice

25 gm mixture of the fresh juice of the following green leaves and vegetables is also beneficial.

Leaves of tandaljo or spinach, leaves of methi (fenugreek), Cucumber, leaves of phudina (mint), tulsi (holy basil), lettuce, coriander and cabbage leaves. All types of non poisonous leaves can be used. Even carrots and radish can be added.

How to prepare green juice.

First, wash all these leaves, vegetables etc. first with salted water, then with clean water. Then crush them or bend them. Collect the past in a piece of clean cloth and squeeze and filter it. And green juice is ready.

Face mask

The remaining can be mixed with little cream, turmeric powder and applied on face as a face mask. Keep it for 10/15 minutes. If possible, take blue light on the face for 5 to 7 minutes. Was it with fresh water. In 10/15 days the face will glow. Even white spots and pimples will vanish.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Dear friends,
We hear about it, see it and know smotheing on it - Yes it is YOGA I'm talking about. It is the "In-Thing" in today's world. An art which is as old as mankind and has taken various forms and shapes across the globe and is now seen as a essential part of life.

The net provides a lot of details on Yoga forms, schools and a host of related topics. To make it easier, I'm listing out some of the top sites with thier proposals. Happy Life - Take to Yoga

Top Yoga Sites

A site, which invites one to be a part of Yoga Movement. Created not just to talk about the practice of yoga but to discuss the whole movement toward starting, understanding, and progressing along the inner journey. They claim “we don’t own a yoga center or produce a line of yoga products. we simply went to a yoga class one day and became hooked.”

This useful site is packed with information: articles about yoga and health; directories of teachers, organizations, and training; yoga products, books, and videos for shoppers; and step-by-step yoga postures and meditations. The beginner will get a heady taste of yoga here dished up in a concise and easy-to-understand style. There is a delightful down-to-earth air about this site
This is the official site of the Meditation Society of America, headquartered in Philadelphia. The philosophy of this site is that no one meditation technique is right for everyone, so it is dedicated to sharing meditation techniques and concepts from all traditions. Eventually, you will find detailed, step-by-step explanations of 108 meditation techniques listed here. Not all are online yet, but there are a sufficient number to get you started. Check out “This Week’s Meditation” and the beginner's section, where you will find an illustrated article on “What Is Meditation?” You can download a free issue of the society’s newsletter, add to your inventory of meditation techniques, or ponder a few “Words of Wisdom” at this way station on your inner journey.
Jillian Pransky is a teacher at New York's Yoga Zone as well as founder of several yoga programs including Yoga at Work. She is also a guest instructor for Self-magazine. This well-designed site is crafted in warm welcoming colors and is easy to navigate. You'll find information about Jillian's classes and retreats as well as articles on meditation and asanas. Be sure to check out her Yogalicious newsletter (current issue and archives). The September 2001 issue, for example, offers ideas for healing, coping, and rebuilding after the September 11 tragedy.
Sivananda is one of the world’s largest schools of yoga. Go to the “Teachings” section of this site. You’ll find good definitions of the four paths of yoga as well as information on the five principles of yoga: proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet, and meditation. Twelve postures or asanas are detailed on the exercise page. Vegetarian recipes ranging from baked tofu to Sivananda oatmeal cookies are available.
This site has some of the best posture displays that we’ve seen on the Net. Postures are catalogued in a helpful index and offer step-by-step instructions, animated illustrations, difficulty level, and buttons to print out the posture or e-mail it to a friend. This inviting site also features essays on meditation and random sutras (wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual insights from both the East and West) for quote lovers.
Yoga Journal magazine has been spreading the word about yoga since 1975, and at its new site, you can tap into that massive amount of yoga information. We were particularly impressed with its poses section, where you can search for dozens of poses by name, the part of the anatomy you want to focus on, or specific health problems. It also contains in-depth information on yoga history and philosophy; the latest medical research on how yoga affects health and healing; interviews with well-known teachers and celebrity practitioners; a travel section, with details on where to study yoga in the United States and abroad; and a food section, complete with recipes, on how eating wisely can enhance your health as well as your yoga practice. The site is difficult to use, however. Tiny type on shaded backgrounds makes it difficult to read and links are tough to locate.
The home page of this site is a bit scary — it opens with yoga teacher Doug Keller performing some Houdini contortionist pose. Do not be afraid. That is not your typical yoga stuff. In fact, Keller includes at his site detailed descriptions of poses (including refinements if you feel pain while performing them). He also offers articles on hatha yoga, meditation, and breathing. Keller is based in Washington, DC, but he also provides a directory to “find a teacher” in your location. There’s a page on inspirational quotes as well. Keller describes yoga “as a high expression of the very best in your heart.”
A World of Yoga is based on yoga and meditation teacher Graham Ledgerwood’s book, Keys to Higher Consciousness. You will find here discussions of various types of yoga meditation and techniques. The site has a Hallmark card/hippy happy feel with photos of flowers and sunsets illustrating the text. The small page text format is a pain to navigate, but the information might inspire you to give meditation a try.
This easy-to-use site provides a good directory of asanas in its Teaching Notes section. It also offers information on Primordial Sound Meditation, a mantra meditation technique revived by Deepak Chopra, M.D., and David Simon, M.D.
This site is your direct route to the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, considered one of the greatest spiritual figures of the 20th century by authorities in various religions. Yogananda founded the society in 1920 to spread the principles of kriya yoga. Here you can find information about SRF and its retreats and centers around the world, a calendar of lecture tours and retreat programs, and news about SRF’s international work. Yogananda’s teachings, including his yoga methods, are available in books and home-study lessons. Two of our favorite spots on this site are “Insights and Inspirations” and “Worldwide Prayer Circle,” where you will find step-by-step meditation techniques for healing. Whenever you read anything by Yogananda, you will find he has the gift to make complex concepts quite understandable. We recommend Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi because it offers great insight into the world of meditation

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

How to create cooling effect in the body

Dear friends,
Body has to have a balance in temperature else it could have adverse effects. There are instances when we feel that the body is too hot and it would have better if we could do some cooling exercise.

Normally this is not know to many except for the yoga students who can up the body heat and also reduce it. I'm not taking about experts, my hints and tips are for the common "Man" who should leave a healthy life -

How to create cooling effect in the body

Open the moth, put out the tongue and inhale air through the mouth. Close the mouth and retain the air as much as possible. Then exhale through the nose. Repeat 15/25 times. You will immediately feel cool. This method is called Sheetli in Yoga and found to be useful in summer, sunstroke, fever or whenever cooling effect is necessary.

Regular practice of pranayam and breathing exercises will ensure proper oxygenation of all the parts of the body and cure many diseases. Proper oxygenation helps in purifying the blood and removal of toxins and carbon dioxide from the body. This, in turn, will reduce the unnecessary burden on kidney reducing the possibility of skin diseases and failure of kindey. Moreover, pure blood enables proper functioning of all the organs and thereby increases vigour and vitality.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Simple Cure for Kidney ailments

Treatment for curing kidney ailments

Before starting the treatment gather the first urine of the patient in the morning in a glass and one will observe that this urine is not clear but hazy and has bad smell. It denotes kidneys are not functioning properly.

Put one cup of water to boil. Put one teaspoon of any tea in it. Don not add sugar/milk. Boil one cup of water till it is reduced to half. Filter it and then add half cup of regular water. Sip it hot. Regular breakfast can be taken 15 to 20 minutes later.

Continue for 10-12 days. Examine and check the first urine after 10-12 days. If it is clear, then you could discontinue the treatment else continue for another 15 days by which time the kidneys should start functioning well.

Phoo Phoo High Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol and the blockage in the arteries of the heart:

Cholesterol is a vital factor for maintaining the body balance and aids in the effective detoxination function performed by the liver. To produce bile, the liver uses cholesterol. High cholesterol effects the performance of the heart and prevents liver from neutralizing the toxins.

High cholesterol people could follow these simple methods and benefit from it.

· Eat 2 pieces of black pepper and clove after each meal

· Eat 1 teaspoon mixture of 50% powder of dried coriander seeds plus 50% powder of dried cummin seeds (know in India as Dhania). This is an anti-oxidant and can be taken through out life.

· Eat a mixture of 50% powder of cinnamon plus 50% pure honey - twice a day for 45 to 60 days

· Sees the results in 15 to 30 days. This treatment is so useful that even if angioplasty or bypass is advised it will not be required.

Radiant Living

Monday, October 30, 2006

Simple remedies for Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common ailements in todays modern life. The reason is the changing lifestyle and lack of exercise. It has reached alarmaing stages and is now a bane to be fought off. How do we do it??

Nature has its own way of providing natural remedies for most of ailements. Let us talk about one such commonly available herb and work away the diabetes factor forever from our life.

Corrainder is one of the most important ingredients that go into cooking when it comes to Asian cullinary. The west uses them as decoratives or toppers and they have the same value.

Fresh corriander leaves finely grinded and a juice of them - say half a tumbler in the morning is one of the best ways to stave off diabetes.

It should be had first thing in the morning and the next following this should be only after 15 mintues. This can be done for a continous 45 days and then give a check on your sugar levels and you would be suprised on having touched normal level.

Curry leaves is another excellent natural resource used for fighting diabetes and other ailements . Eating say around 10 curry leave (raw) first thing in the morning has multiple effects.

Reduces sugar level if taken on a continous basis
Reduces weight
Prevents premature greying

Hey when i talk about premature greying its a problem for many. Curry leaves has the ingredient to prevent greying.

Curry leave oil - Method

A mixture of curry leves - say a pack (50-70 leaves) with 100 ml of cocunut oil to be grated till the leaves become brown in colour. Remove the leaves, filter and drain the oil and then use it for scalp - wonderful way to stay young and prevent premature greying.

Folks some more would be following soon.